Dan’s Class Assignment

No amount of skill invention can replace the essential element of imagination.”— Edward Hopper

The following is an excerpt from one of Dan’s assignments:

When I heard of this assignment, I looked all around my house at everything I own for something I own that says the most about me. I could find things that I liked, such as posters, souvenirs from places I’ve been, or my car. I could explain why I liked these things. I like my car because it’s fast and fun to drive, I like this particular action figure because I like the Simpsons. But the more I looked, the more I realized that in a hundred years I don’t want to be remembered by the material possessions I owned. I think that if you can be summed up by a physical item, it doesn’t say anything good about you. It says you’ve dedicated your life to something frivolous.

I feel you should be remembered for what you did. You should be remembered for how you changed the world, such as George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, and Joseph Stalin. These people were remembered for what they created, the people they helped, or the brutal way they oppressed a nation. You can’t describe who these people were with some meaningless item. They probably owned something that said something about them, but what they are known for is what they did.

So, in one hundred years I want to be remembered the same way, not by my house or car, but by my actions. That being said, the truth is I could not think of a single thing to write about that could fill up more than a paragraph, so I came up with this ridiculous idea.

— Daniel R. Lynch