Dan’s Family

Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.” — Michael Angelo

Dan was born on May 24, 1982. He was the youngest in the Lynch family as his older sister Vicki was 23 years old, his brother Mark was 21, and his sister Bonnie was 19. Dan was the joy of the family, he captured everyone’s heart and was the perfect “little brother and son.”

As Dan was growing up, his sisters and brother were involved in their own lives, but each had a major impact on Dan’s personality and character.

Vicki was living in another state, quite a distance from home when Dan was small. When she came to visit, Dan was a little distant toward her. So Vicki asked Danny one day, “Why don’t you like me?” Danny’s response was, “Because you never bring me any presents!” Vicki was stunned because she had brought him presents on previous visits home. A while later, the family met at a restaurant for dinner and while waiting to be seated, the family looked around the gift shop. Dan saw a stuffed monkey and just had to have it, but Dad said “No, you don’t need any more stuffed animals.” Shortly, the family was seated and ordered. Vicki excused herself and in a few minutes Vicki returns with a box gift wrapped and gave it to Dan. He excitedly opened it and there was the stuffed monkey. Dan was so happy, he gave Vicki a huge hug. Dan named his monkey Millie which became Dan’s favorite toy and kept him company every night when he went to bed. Dan and Millie were “pals” until he was a teenager. Vicki and Danny were best friends from that day forward.

His brother Mark played golf and was very good at it. Mark would take Danny out on the course and Dan would swing away. Years later in a diary Dan had written for a school assignment was found Dan’s ambition to be an artist and a good golfer like his big brother Mark.

Bonnie had the honor to be with Dan’s mother and father in the delivery room when Dan was born, theirs was a very special and close relationship.

Dan was the family joy in his growing up years. His intellect was above average. His manner was mild but with a wit and a smile that became his trademark. When Dan was in grammar school, he was on a baseball team and his team was in a play-off game. The opposing team had a runner on third it was the ninth inning, and a long ball was hit to the field to Dan. Somehow, Danny caught the ball. He was the center of all the congrats, great play, etc. On the way to the celebration at the Pizza Parlor, Danny remarked that he couldn’t understand why he was the hero at that moment, but if he’d dropped the ball he would have been in disgrace — all because of a silly baseball game!

A while after graduation from high school, Dan went to live with his sister Bonnie, and her husband Robert and their two boys James and William. To Dan, James and Willie were like his little brothers. The family went to hockey games and Dan was privileged to go with Bonnie’s family to Fiji, Tahiti and on the Disney Cruise. Dan had the best of times and loved their family very much. Dan’s favorite place was Fiji. He said the people there were the nicest on earth with their mild personalities and their willingness to help out strangers and their honesty.

Society and the world have lost a great person in the passing of Daniel. Dan’s personal ethics were remarkable, he believed that hard work and dedication were required to obtain any goal he sought. He worked nights and weekends while seeking his goal in the arts. He was determined to be the best at his chosen profession.

Dan was known for his wit, humor and smile. He loved all people regardless of their social status, nationality, etc. He looked at the inner person.

Dan, your family loves and misses you. You were such a beautiful person.

Your family,

Robert, Marian, Vicki, Mark, James, William, and Bonnie