Dan’s Personality

I don’t think people are born artists; I think it comes from a mixture of your surroundings, the people you meet and luck.” — Francis Bacon

Dan was a real believer in playing by the rules in life. He was a “kick-back” person. Dan’s qualities all who loved him will remember his carefree ability to “just be.” Those who knew Dan dearly appreciated his unique “wit” and “humor.” He was non-confrontal, but would express his opinions and let others have theirs.

Dan was dedicated toward his goal and believed that hard work paid off, he always tried to do his best. His journey toward earning his degree in computer animation and 3-D modeling was very challenging. Most people would have found an excuse to give up. But Dan knew that to reach his goal would not be easy. He may not have had the talent that others possessed, but he had a great love for art and the desire to succeed that is seldom seen in young people. As Dan progressed along his journey, it was apparent that his talent was blossoming as well as his love for the arts. He often visited art galleries and art museums and had a great appreciation for the artists.

Dan did not have a scholarship and did not come from a wealthy family. He knew the journey to his dream would be expensive with college tuition, rent, living expenses, art supplies, etc. and particularly in the City of San Francisco. However, Dan’s desire to reach his dream was so strong that he was willing to commute to classes by subway and bus, work long hours and everything else that was involved in getting his degree. Dan had only a few months until he would graduate and receive his BFA Degree in Fine Art/Computer Animation from the Academy of Art University, getting close to reaching his dream. He was very proud of himself and his whole family was very proud of him.

The world lost a valuable resource when Dan left us, as I’m sure he would have left a lasting imprint on our society.