Dan’s Story

He that bestows his goods upon the poor shall have
as much again… and ten times more.”
— John Bunyan

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When Dan was a young boy about eight years old, he went to an art gallery that was featuring a local Missouri artist. In the newspaper advertisement for this event was a picture of a painting by Al Agnew (www.Alagnew.com) of a little fox in the woods. Dan was fascinated by a fox he had seen on the family farm and the painting really took his interest.

With his mom and dad’s approval, Dan purchased a copy of that painting and Al Agnew autographed the painting for Dan. From that day forward, Dan wanted to pursue art.

Years later, a small diary was found that Dan had written for a school assignment when he was in grammar school. He had written that his goal was to be an artist and a good golfer like his big brother.

In high school, Dan also became interested in computers and after graduation he decided to combine his love for art and computers by going into the field of computer animation.

Dan’s venture in college was difficult, as he did not have a scholarship. He attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and worked nights and weekends at the Hotel Triton (www.hoteltriton.com) as Guest Representative. Dan was proud of his accomplishments at school and work and was doing his very best to achieve his goal on his own. There were times when extra things were needed, the car broke down, etc. and he hated having to call home for “a loan.”

Dan had only a few months until he would graduate and receive his BFA Degree in Fine Art/Computer Animation at the university and he had recently moved to Oakland so he could have his own apartment as the rents were less there. He was excited about his new apartment which was only a one mile walk to the Bart station and the ride to San Francisco was just 15 minutes. Previously, his commute to school and work took him almost an hour. This would give him more time for studies and homework. Also, his apartment was close to the market and there was a nice lake two blocks away. He was proud of all this.

On September 22, 2006, at 11:30 in the morning, Dan was walking to the Bart station with his school supplies in his backpack, listening to music on his Walkman heading to school, when he was attacked and shot to death one block from the station.

Dan had never been in a fight in his short 24 years of life, he liked people of all nationalities, played by the rules, loved life. He had many qualities that guaranteed him a successful and rewarding life.

Dan’s qualities all who loved him will remember his carefree ability to “just be.” Those who knew him dearly appreciated his unique “wit” and “humor.”

Dan loved art and science, history and geography, music, people and things. He believed strongly that the effort you put into obtaining your goal would pay off at the end of the journey. He was calm and considerate and always wanted to help the unfortunate.

Found in Dan’s personal things was a paper he’d written, My Class Assignment, which allows insight into his character.

In the lobby of the Hotel Triton is a sketch book for visiting artists and guests to draw a picture or write about their inspiration or interest. Dan had drawn a picture in this sketch book of King Triton of the Sea. Dan wrote on his drawing, “My inspiration is ART. . .because without ART we would just be stuck with reality.” Daniel’s quote has been discovered around the world and is listed as One of the Great Art Quotes.

Dan had a passion to help those who were in need but willing to work to help themselves. A scholarship fund is being set up in Daniel’s memory, the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program which will help those young artists pursue their education and dream in the arts. Scholarships will be made available through the Cache Education Foundation, their website is www.inspirethem.org. Through your kindness and generosity, young artists will have the opportunity to obtain their education in the arts.

This website and the Daniel Robert Lynch Art Education Program are a step toward remembering Daniel and the wonderful way he lived his short life and to help other young art students reach their goal through your contribution to the Daniel Robert Lynch Scholarship Program.