Every good painter paints what he is.” — Jackson Pollock

To appreciate this drawing, you must know its background. Dan had an assignment to draw a self-portrait, but the instructor did not want simply a “common everyday” picture drawn, it needed to show emotion, personality and character.

Dan had been to classes at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and then to work at the Hotel Triton, his shift was 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Then taking the Bart and transferring to a bus, then walking to his apartment, he arrived home about midnight. This was a common occurrence for Dan. Once at his apartment, he would work on his homework assignments.

This particular night, he had to get his self-portrait drawing finished as it was due to be turned in the next day at class. As he sat down to start his drawing, his roommate was ready for bed and left Dan at his table starting his drawing. His roommate got up a couple times during the night and witnessed Dan nodding off to sleep, but would catch himself and continue to draw.

You can see the light reflection from his drawing board on his face and his teasing personality in his eyes and mouth. Dan loved to tease the friends he was close to, always in fun.

Dan was very proud of this self-portrait which he did in one long night without sleep. But he always met his goal.

Dan’s artistic talent was really growing. The charcoal drawing of the “Magnifient Blackman” won a SPECIAL RECOGNITION AWARD from one of the galleries where the picture was featured.